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Three reasons to have a photo booth at your work Christmas Party!

Looking for something to spice up your work Christmas party? Having a photo booth at your event is the perfect way to add fun, and get the party started! Here are our top reasons to have a photo booth at your work Christmas party

  1. Entertainment: A photo booth provides an entertaining activity for your guests. It's a great ice-breaker and gives everyone a chance to loosen up, be silly and have fun. Open booths are perfect for this as on-lookers can join in the fun too and everyone has a laugh.

  2. Marketing: Photo booths provide a perfect marketing opportunity. We include an online gallery of all photos and these can be used to enhance your social media presence. We also custom design our photo print template, and will include your company logo and branding so that the photo prints seamlessly with your event styling.

  3. Keepsakes: With unlimited prints included in our photo booth hire, all guests can bring home a copy of their photo booth photo as a momento of the the fun had at the party!

A group of people using the photo booth at a work Christmas party in Adelaide


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