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Birthday Photo Booth!

We recently celebrated or daughter, Maggie’s second birthday and of course we set up the photo booth to capture the fun!

Family members young and old had a great time using the booth, even my 92 year old grandmother got into the photo booth spirit trying out some props and poses!

Maggie chose the pink photo booth backdrop for her party (we try to be gender neutral in our choices, but the girl just loves anything pink!)

She had the best day ever and her favourite present was of course the $2 decorative unicorn balloon which she dragged with her around the venue all afternoon, and ended up in several photos as a photo booth prop.

Our family members wrote messages to Maggie in her photo booth guest book with their photos included. After the event we wrapped up the guest book and we plan to give it to Maggie on her 18th.

It was such a lovely day full of love and fun, and we are so glad we incorporated the photo booth to have awesome memories to look back on at this beautiful and crazy time in our lives!


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