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Why Having A Photo Booth Attendant Is A Must

From the get go when we first created ALOHA Photo Booth Co, we've offered an attendant with our Adelaide photo booth packages and for very good reason!

Over the years, photo booths have become increasingly automated and many photo booth operators don't actually include an attendant in their packages. Instead, they offer it as an add on which of course is at an added cost to you.

For us, the fundamental reason why we offer an attendant as standard is good old fashioned customer service. Having been in the wedding, events and hospitality industry for many years, it's about people, service and going above and beyond.

Dropping off a photo booth and picking it up the next day just doesn't sit right for us. It's like Kmart and their stupid self serve check outs (which suck right!!)

hy Having A Photo Booth Attendan

We Get The Party Started!

From the moment your hire begins our attendants get the party started! They are hired by us because they love people, events and celebrating. They'll encourage your camera shy guests to use the booth and get the most of your pictures. They will give advice on the best poses and tell your guests exactly when to SAY CHEESE!

We Get The Most Out Of Your Hire Time

Without an attendant, particularly at weddings where couples are pulled from pillar to post, there's no one to remind the couple to come and use the very booth they have hired.

We will also check in with your DJ to announce 15 minutes before the booth is opening and closing.

We also keep things looking tidy (props go everywhere otherwise!) and encourage your guests to use your guest book if you have one.

Tech Support

There are some (rare) times when we need to give a little tech support. Maybe the paper needs changing, the booth needs a restart or there is a paper jam. With no trained attendant around even the little things can mean that your photo booth is made redundant and what's the point in that?!

So the next time you get a quote for a photo booth in Adelaide that looks cheap, ask if it includes an attendant because we bet you there won't be!


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