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There are so many great reasons to include a photo booth at your wedding! Here are top three reasons!

  1. ENTERTAINMENT! Photo booths are downright great fun, there’s no denying it! They are an awesome icebreaker and your guests will have a laugh making up spontaneous poses and fun props.

  2. THE BEST FORM OF SELFIE: Everyone loves taking a good selfie when they go to weddings dressed up and looking fabulous but photo booths take the selfie to the next level! With our professional set up including DSLR camera and studio quality flash, our photo booth photos are high quality and your guests will love their keepsake photo of themselves looking their best and having a laugh!

  3. MEMORIES: How many times have you visited a friend and they have photo booth photos on their fridge? It’s rare to have a printed photo these days, and our photo prints serve as perfect way to remember a wonderful occasion. If you include a guest book as part of your photo booth hire you will have not only a copy of all of your guests fun photos, but their personal messages to remember your day by. In 50 years time, having a guest book to look back on photos of your friends and family as well as their personal messages will be such a special keepsake!

Two bridesmaids standing back to back using a photo booth at a wedding in Adelaide holding heart shaped glasses.

A bride and groom kissing and holding a prop using a photo booth at a venue in Adelaide

Three bridesmaids wearing red dresses and holding bouquets whilst posing for a photo booth photo at a wedding venue in Adelaide


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