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Why Open Photo Booths Are Better Than Enclosed

If you're looking to hire a photo booth in Adelaide, you'll quickly see that there are lots of different options and one of those is whether to choose an open booth or an enclosed booth.

Traditional enclosed booths were created for events in a similar way to the old school photo booths back in the day or what you can sometimes see in malls to create passport photos.

So we may be biased here as we only have open booth options available however here are the top reasons why an open photo booth works SO much better than enclosed!

First up, open booths mean you can fit more people into the image and photo as enclosed booths tend to be quite small (and claustrophobic eeek!). Open booths on the other hand are squish free.

They also have limited backdrop options. Usually only black, red or white. Open photo booths have the ability to change backdrops and we have plenty of different options available (with more coming soon!)

Open Photo Booth Hire in Adelaide
Emma Faith Photography

Enclosed booths also tend not to come with attendants. Given photo booths sometimes need a little technical maintenance, lighting tweaks or paper changes, our booth packages always come with a friendly attendant who is on hand to quickly sort out any little glitches.

Open booths are also great entertainment! There's nothing funnier than seeing people having a blast in front of the camera. Some say that they deter the camera shy but trust us when we say that our booths are always busy at every event because there are way more camera hungry people than there are shy! People watching at its best.

They're also less bulky and big which means that open booths can slot into smaller spaces and since they take less time to install, we can offer them to you a little cheaper

Convinced? We thought you might be!


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