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We include a photo booth attendant with all our photo booth hire packages for several reasons. We want guests to have the absolute best experience possible and this means having an attendant close by to assist guests to use the booth and navigate any issues. For example a guest may want an extra photo print and the attendant can easily print another.

Like all equipment occasionally photo booths can have hiccups! For example the focus may need to be adjusted, the photos may be to bright and over exposed or too dark, the flash may not work! We don't want guests having to deal with these issues and sometimes the old turn it off and turn it on again trick doesn't work!

In these times the attendant will come to the rescue and use their skill to quickly address any issues so that the booth can continue to be used without time wasted

Our photo booth attendants are experienced and skilled photographers themselves, and are trained to operate photo booths and trouble shoot and fix any issues. Our attendants are also super lovely and friendly people that will assist you and your guests to have a great time using the booth!

We are passionate about delivering beautiful high quality photos and our booth attendant will assist guests to achieve this by ensuring all the settings are optimised.

We were recently working at a wedding in Adelaide (filming and not photobooth-ing) and the couple had hired a photo booth from a dry-hire company (no attendant was included in the hire). The photo booth printer jammed mid-session and there were guests milling around trying to fix it while others waited for their turn using the photo booth. The malfunction interrupted the fun and caused unnecessary stress as guests googled how to fix the issue and discussed calling the photo booth company helpline for assistance. Luckily with Kevin's experience he was able to take out the printer out of the photo booth and disassemble it and re-fill the media, and had the photo booth up and running again in no time.

We are passionate about guests having the best time using our photo booths and in order to ensure this we always include a photo booth attendant.

Adelaide Photo Booth photo of a bride at her wedding


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